** All workshops are apt to change due to our ever-changing community strategies surrounding COVID-19.  Should we need to cancel a workshop you have registered for, we will refund your payment in full. **

Please call or email Nathan (Buffalo Cove’s director) with any questions at  or 828-964-1473.


A note on safety: As we have been struck with the task of adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, Buffalo Cove will implement several core safety measures during our Adult Workshops.  We will be guided by the latest recommendations put out by the CDC.  It is important for us all to understand that these guidelines are always being updated and may affect our group size or ability to hold these workshops.  Please read these carefully and only sign up for a workshop if you feel comfortable committing to, and abiding by, these protocols:

  • Group Size – we will keep the number of participants small and manageable in terms of having plenty of space to learn safely and effectively.

  • Maintaining respectful space - At the onset of every workshop we will establish everyone’s “comfortable space bubble” – and we will respect these bubbles throughout the workshop.

  • Sleeping logistics - For overnight workshops, each participant will set up their own sleeping arrangement, and maintain a safe and respectful distance from other participants' sleeping accommodations.  You may bring your own tent, tarp, hammock, etc. to sleep in.  Buffalo Cove has 4 sleeping shelters that you may reserve upon registration.

  • Food – Each participant will be responsible for their own food during these workshops

Can my teenager attend these workshops? YES! If you have a motivated and capable teen that is interested in these things, we would love to have them join us!  We want to support time afield with cross-generational family groups!


Saturday March 27, 10am – 4pm

12 person limit, $75

Spend the day exploring the art of fire--a pillar of the human experience and a necessary survival skill. Learn many different methods of combustion, how to deal with wet wood, and how to utilize fire in cooking and creating other tools.

Bladecraft & Traditional Woodworking

Saturday April 17, 10am – 4pm

8 person limit, $75

Learn how to choose and use the right edge for common, backcountry tasks. We will dive into techniques and skills around the pocket knife, sheath knife, and camp axe (the trinity of traditional woodsmen and woodswomen). We will also learn how to care for and maintain a good, strong, sharp edge! Then, we will learn how to use the draw knife, shaving horse, and gouge to fashion a camp spoon from the forest!

Plants for Food, Medicine, & Wildcraft

Saturday May 22, 10am – 4PM

12 person limit, $75.

What does it look like to walk into your local natural area and gather food and medicine? Come spend the day with us and find out! We will explore our local, common, wild edibles and how to prepare them. We will also learn about some local plant medicines and how to
make them. Then, we will create a container from tree bark to carry your bounty home!