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Buffalo Cove's facilities are a convergence of the four sacred, physical elements of survival: shelter, water, food, and fire. While are facilities are rustic, they are wonderfully adequate and refreshingly simple. We are regularly inspected by the North Carolina Department of Health and have maintained a sanitation rating in the upper ninetieth percentile over the years.


Buffalo Cove Outdoor Education Center is exactly that--outdoors! There are only a handful of buildings in the 200-acre valley that we call Base Camp. Very few of our buildings are completely walled in and shut off from the outside.


Most of our meals are prepared in our Kitchen and eaten in our Dining Hall. Together, these comprise the Lodge, a relatively modern set-up. The building is a beautiful, screened-in, timber-framed structure. The appliances are gas and electric. Dishes are hand-washed and sanitized in three compartment sinks. Campers may have opportunities to assist our cooks in the kitchen and feel the joy and value of providing food for our community. Some of our meals will be prepared in the field where campers will learn, first-hand, the skills and techniques of cooking over an open fire.

Our centrally located Bathhouse, home to sinks, showers and toilets, has enclosed walls and a tin roof. It is divided into two private sections, one for girls and one for boys.

The Blacksmith Shop is an open-air, timber-frame structure made from native timbers.


The Tool Barn is a traditional, Appalachian-style, log barn with no chinking between the logs.


Our Long House is a native timber, post-and-beam-constructed, community space where we can enjoy a nice fire, even if it’s pouring rain!


We have four Sleeping Shelters, sleeping 10 people each, that are essentially sturdy tree houses with screened-in walls and tin roofs. We provide thick, foam pads to sleep on. All shelters will keep you comfortable and dry, but will not separate you from the outdoors, just the way we like it! Of course, when the weather is fair or we’re out on the trail, we may make our beds under the starry, mountain sky.


Our water comes from a deep-dug well in our valley that is regularly tested by the North Carolina Department of Health. Clean water, filtered by the earth, is sure to be a refreshing treat for those of you who are on city water at home. We encourage drinking lots of water! It cleanses the body and mind, keeping us all happier and healthier while staying on top of our hydration!

We have multiple fire pits that are established activity and community meeting areas around Base Camp. However, we often teach how to create fire safely, in a low-impact way, and use this skill for many reasons throughout our valley.

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