Session Details

  • 8 day session

  • for campers ages 14-17

  • 8-participant limit

  • tuition: $1,000

Session Description​

Spend your days as part of a roving team, exploring the wonders of the natural world through 3 days of backpacking through the mountains and 3 days on the river in canoes.  You will learn the skills of backcountry travel and exploration, living by what we carry on our backs and in our boats! Make your home under your tarp, or under the stars; cook your meals over fire; learn to gather safe drinking water from your surroundings; learn the skills to safely and meaningfully adventure in the backcountry; work as a team and fluidly move through each day afield!

Registration Information

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July 5 - 12, 2021

There is really no better place for the nature lover, the thrill seeker, or someone wanting to be a part of a strong and loving community. 

- Galen, Buffalo Cove Camper