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Buffalo Cove gives kids the opportunity to learn primitive and life skills while providing space for each kid to challenge themselves on a personal level. When the kids walk out of the woods when camp is over, they bring an energy and confidence that is palpable. I am grateful Buffalo Cove taught my kids to believe in and trust themselves. 

- Shari, Buffalo Cove Parent

a camper and staff in a canoe

To say this magical place impacted [our children's] lives is not enough. They are both better people because of it. Not only did we witness the incredible bond they formed with other campers and counselors – deep friendships that they still have today – but the skills they learned are ones they will use forever. And not just the survival skills, which is a huge bonus, but the life skills. They were a part of something bigger and soaked up all the beautifully positioned opportunities offered. They experienced and practiced empathy, vulnerability, accountability, respect, compassion and hard work. They embraced fear, laughed, cried and danced. They developed a deeper sense of themselves in the process, while having loads of fun and building priceless memories.

- Ellie and Gary, Buffalo Cove Parents

a camper using a knife to whittle

For me, Buffalo Cove has always been a place of friendship, learning, and growth. Since 1st grade, Buffalo Cove has truly been a home away from home. There is really no better place for the nature lover, the thrill seeker, or someone wanting to be a part of a strong and loving community. 

- Galen, Buffalo Cove Camper

two campers and two pack goats in the woods

This may be the most satisfying, educational, and affirming school experience I have ever had. I am so in love with this place. I am so grateful to be able to be [in a place] that values this kind of experience for children: the lessons of the forest, of the garden, of the process. I never cease to be impressed with Nathan Roark and his staff. Their sensitivity to the needs of children in the moment, their ability to hone in on the nature of any issue that arises, and the breadth and depth of background knowledge they bring to the table is astounding. Nathan’s creativity and ingenuity in crafting lessons in a wilderness setting that perfectly complement and extend my lessons in the classroom is nothing short of genius. I believe this kind of experience offers profound benefits to children (and adults) on multiple levels.

- Kelly Lynn, Teacher at Two Rivers Community School

Buffalo Cove is a place where everyone is accepted and lifted up, where you can find mentors in the counselors, and where you’ll make life-long memories. While the magical forests and indescribable adventures within them are some of my favorite places on the planet, what makes Buffalo Cove such a special place is the tightly bound community of likeminded people that over the days becomes a family. With those people I have laughed, cried, danced, and existed in a world in which every emotion has the underlying feeling of love, a type of bond that I feel isn’t too easy to come by. At Buffalo Cove, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sights of my life. Whether it be a blazing sunset over the New River, or trees completely lit up with fireflies, there’s always somewhere new to go, and something new to see. If you’re debating on whether or not you should go to this camp, I can assure you that come summer of every year, Buffalo Cove will be the highlight."

- Lylah, Buffalo Cove Camper

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